What To Consider Before Buying Wedding Heels

It’s your wedding day, probably the biggest day you will ever have and what makes it unique is that it comes once in a lifetime. Therefore, you should make it unforgettable by getting everything right and having the most fun. Wedding heels make a significant contribution to the overall enjoyment of this day. However, getting the perfect heels might be a challenge, and that’s why I have taken the time to list down the things you should consider while buying one.

This is the number one thing every bride should consider first. Your wedding heel should match with the day’s theme. A great suggestion is silver wedding shoes. Silver is a silent color, and it will blend with any other color.
Leather type.
Consider buying a shoe with a softer leather for your wedding.

The last thing any bride would wish for is to break in their Shop Lilian wedding shoes.

Heel size.
Remember that you walk, pose for photos, and even dance in this shoe all night long. Therefore, if you are not used to sharp and too high heels, please consider having them reduced or just pick a shorter one.
Arch supports.
If you want to reduce arch fatigue and muscle spasms during your wedding day, arch supports are a must-have. With them, you will have less jamming, swelling and redness of your great toe that might be caused by the acute pitch of your shoes.

Buy your wedding shoe after you have had a long day walk especially under the sun as at this time your feet will have expanded and you will find the best size. Also to note, do not buy your wedding shoes today and your wedding day is tomorrow. Buy it a little earlier and walk with it a bit. This will make it easy to walk in it during the wedding.

Venue requirements
Enquire whether your venue has any restrictions on the type of wedding shoes. This is important as some historic venues will not allow stiletto heels as they might damage their wooden floors.
Too high wedding heels will make it difficult or impossible to walk in wet weather conditions. Choose a shoe that will be comfortable in the current weather condition.
With the above considerations, you will get yourself the perfect wedding heels and enjoy your wedding. All the best!


Wedding shoes getting silver

Wedding trends don’t often get varied that much. It’s been a black and white tradition for as long as we came remember and has now been a part of our lives. Ladies grow up dreaming about this magical day when they’ll wear all white. Of course that includes the most part of the dress that is shoes. Wedding shoes have traditionally always been white and ivory just to keep the contrast of the dress perfect. And there is no doubt they look well with it But a new trend has just been introduced of brides turning towards silver shoes. Silver shoes have become vastly popular since a few years ago and we cannot argue why. We human beings are attracted towards change and that is what has just happened with the wedding shoes.

One of the main reasons that silver wedding shoes have become popular is that they are new and non-traditional. Ladies who like to try something different are falling for it Another reason is that they will not become useless polyvore after the special day as they can be worn with many other dresses without looking amazon dull like white  and ivory shoes.

Now of course some Shoplilian will argue that the shoes should match the wedding dress but the matter of fact is, silver shoes actually look better than white. If you wear shiny silver shoes with your dress they will reflect the white colour making it more beautiful than the traditional shoes. You can also choose your wedding dress according to the colour of your shoes by adding silver stitching or flower designs or whatever you like to make it more sparky and glamourous.

Wedding shoes are normally expensive and if you spend your money on silver shoes that can be used after the wedding day then it is a valuable investment as well


A Few Uncomplicated Info Regarding Wedding Shoes Defined

Shoes for Every Occassion:”Stiletto, I look at it more as an attitude as opposed to a high heeled shoe.” -Lita Ford

Whether it is Disney’s Cinderella and her glass slippers, the cinematic Dorothy with her enchanted ruby slippers, or Carrie Bradshaw walking the streets of New York in her Manolo Blahniks, shoes, especially high heels, play a pivotal role in women’s fashion. From walking runways to walking the wedding aisle high heels can provide elegance, style, and poise.

Planning a wedding requires hundreds of decisions to be made but footwear probably isn’t at the top of the
list. It may not be a choice to make or break the day but it can certainly break an ankle! When choosing your footwear for any occasion consider:


Heel styles  vary according to style and function. The typical heel has, well, a heel and must lift the heel higher than the toes. It is generally agreed upon that a heel begins at around 1.5″ but elevates as high as the imagination, and the ankle, will allow. Some popular styles include:

Kitten- with a height of 1.5″ to 2″ these are probably the most comfortable heels giving a little height without  too much strain on the ankle.

Wedge- with raised toes as well as a raised heel a wedge heel can give additional height and are reasonably comfortable-Stiletto- this classic narrow heel is probably the most iconic as the highest of high-heels. It can take some practice and care before wearing-Pumps- narrow heels with a low cut front these versatile heels can be for business or pleasure-Sling-backs- similar to the pump or stiletto it has a strap across the heel-Sandals, boots- add a heel of a couple inches or more to either and you have  high-heels!

High-heels are appropriate forjust about any event but terrain should be taken into consideration. A thin stiletto may sink into grass or echo loudly against marble flooring. Pick a style that complements the venue.

Power Shoes:”Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world” -Marilyn Monroe High-heeled shoes designed specifically for aesthetic appeal can be traced back to the 16th century. Elite women would wear the less functional high-heeled shoe dsw to appear taller and more powerful. The statuesque quality lent by a pair of high-heeled shoes http://www.shoplilian.com/3777-flats-shoes accentuates a woman’s figure to its most romantic ideal.

High-heeled shoes: lengthen the calf, raise the buttocks, and lift the breasts. But a great figure is of little ShopLilian use when you can’t walk down the aisle to meet your groom!

When choosing high-heeled shoes the fit should be considered as well as the flatter. To get the best fit:-Try on shoes at the end of the day-Always measure both feet -Choose shoe size based on your larger foot-Shoes should fit closely but not pinch. i.e. no room in the heel but toes shouldn’t hang off the end-Make  certain you can walk on different surfaces: tile, carpet, stairs, etc-Once they are on, don’t take them off as your feet will swell Well-Heeled:”Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.”

-Christian Louboutin

Those in attendance may not take notice of your shoes until you go to remove the garter but your shoes can add whimsy and flair to even the most elegant soire. Bright colors or unique designs, nothing has to be off

limits even for a formal affair. Finding a pair of shoes you love can be a statement about who you are even if no one sees it.

Flattery will get you everywhere so choose a style of shoe that will flatter your body or leg type:-Wider feet often look better in rounded toe shoes-Shorter legs may like the look of a long pointed toe-Thicker ankles are best accentuated by a sling-back or slimming pump.

Choosing a good pair of shoes can seem overwhelming so narrow down the options to quality work. Choose a rubber sole so that you don’t slip. Check for stitching that is even and secure. Lining should cover the entire inside of the shoe and not just the insole. Natural fibers such as leather will be the most enduring and comfortable. Vegan friendly shoes do exist but do your homework first!

As Cinderella can attest, the right shoes can change a girls life so choose esty carefully!


Why every bride should wear sparkly and silver wedding shoes

One of the most difficult choices that any bride has to make, after buying the bridal gown, is what type of wedding shoes to wear. A choice of shoe that has always been popular and fashionable are silver wedding shoes as they never go out of fashion.

They radiate both elegance and glamour.

Here are some of the reasons why they are so popular.
Silver wedding shoes are versatile.

Silver wedding shoes can be worn  with any style and colour or of bridal gown. So even if your bridal gown is white, it doesn’t matter. Silver goes with everything. However, some of the best colours to wear them with are blues, violets and pinks. Just remember there are no set rules for teaming shoes with your dress.

You can wear them again Silver shoes are true value for money, as they can be worn again on a night out, on any special occasion and you can even team them with jeans to spice up your outfit. Therefore if you are working to a tight budget, silver wedding shoes are a good choice. They come in a variety of different shades.
Even though you may think silver is one shade, this is not true. Silver ranges from a barely pale grey to a shimmering dark steel. This means that you have a lot of scope in finding your perfect shoe.
Different styles and heels
You can choose from strappy sandals, encrusted in beads to a pair of flat shiny ballet pumps. The choice is yours. You just need to pick a style that  you feel comfortable in.
When it comes to wedding heels, how do you know what is right for you?
Here are some ideas for you to consider:
-Do you normally wear heels? If so then wear wedding heels.
-If you want to wear flats then do so. There is no wedding law  that says you have to wear heels
-Length of dress is important. If you wear a long dress then team with heels.
-Environment plays a part in your choice of heel. For example a hill top wedding is probably more suited to flats.
-Comfort, you need to be comfortable, it’s your wedding day. If heels frighten you, stick to pretty flats.


Silver sparkly shoes
Silver and sparkles go particularly well together and make for a beautiful wedding shoe. They are particularly favourable with wedding dresses that contain sequins and rhinestones. This is because they perfectly match and bring out the sparkle and shimmer in the wedding gown.
How much sparkle?
This all depends on you. You can add a bit of detail with glitter sequins. This can bejust an added detail in the heel (however small) or it can be all over the shoe. You may choose to have a brushed sparkle effect over the entire shoe that adds a subtle sparkle. Again, it all depends upon your personal choice and wedding dress.
Don’t forget the bridesmaids.
Silver shoes also look good on bridesmaids, especially when the bride wears silver shoes. For example, may decide that you want to have sparkly heels, and that the bridesmaids can wear plain silver shoes. Silver really is a beautiful choice for your wedding shoe. It is timeless, elegant and can be worn with any style and colour of wedding dress. The good news is that there are lots of silver wedding shoes out there to choose from.


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